Residential complex «Symbol». Apartment interior, 334 sq.f.

It was important for the customer to create a fresh fashionable interior that would fully correspond to the character of his families — a young visual couple following trends. The customer loves to spend his free time traveling, is actively involved in sports and enjoys professional photography, including interior photography.

The main interior colors are cream, chocolate, all shades of gray with lots of gold.
and mirror decor in the form of furniture fittings and lamps.
Noble silk and velvet in the textiles of the living room, glossy furniture surfaces and light colors of materials floors and walls are designed to visually enlarge the space, make it light, spacious and bright.
Given the love for fashion trends and the abundance of decor in all shades of gold, it was important not to overload the interior.

Interior Design.
We tried to adhere to fashion trends, carefully applying them to the interior so that it looks harmonious — a large number of mirror surfaces, glossy furniture, glass partitions with gold framing, several marble textures on the floor and backsplash of the kitchen area. The interiors feature designer furniture and
Particular attention was paid to the details, because they form the complete picture.