Residential complex «Summer Garden». Apartment interior, 445 sq.f.

The customer prefers calm tones in the interior and wants to get an ergonomic apartment in a unique modern style.
Modern concept.

Natural colors were chosen as the main ones in the design — rich emerald, light wood, cream shades, and all shades of white, as the family prefers calmness and conciseness. Separate accent elements in the form of decor, textiles or small areas in the apartment are responsible for the brightness. From live plants, as an element of saturation of the interior and decor, it was decided to refuse, considering the preferences of the pet — the Customer’s cat.

Non-standard window glazing in the kitchen-living room and a loggia with stained-glass windows in the bedroom make the apartment space light and bright, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.

Interior Design.
We tried to adhere to the modern style and fashion trends that the customer really wanted to apply.

In addition, multi-level lighting was used in the interior to create several lighting scenarios and, despite the small size of the apartment, give its owners the feeling of a new space every time the lighting regime changes. Particular attention was paid to details, many mirror and gilded decorative elements were used.