Interior of a private residential building «Opaliha», 1851 sq.f.

The house is located in the Moscow region, in the picturesque area of Opalikha, surrounded by forest. The construction and design of the facade of the house are made in the style of a chalet, made of glued laminated timber with panoramic windows.

The house was already built and occupied, the customer needed a design project not for the whole house, but only for the first floor and the nursery on the 2nd floor. The main task was to harmoniously fit the new design into the existing concept, taking into account the functional features of each room.

Basic concept
The existing interior of the house is made in soothing natural colors with noble textures of wood, marble and glass surfaces. We tried to develop this concept and bring it to the first floor in a more up-to-date form.

Natural shades of wood were chosen as the main design elements for kitchen facades and living room flooring. and a guest bedroom. Light shades of marble for porcelain tiles in the kitchen area and bathroom. The matte cream shade of the walls in the kitchen and living room blends neatly into the dark gray shade of the walls in the area of the stairs and the volumetric slatted wall panel in the space under the stairs, which leads to the guest bedroom.

On the opposite wall there is a sharper transition and a play of textures. Matte light kitchen walls and wood the façade fades into glossy black canvas with matte door panels leading to the guest bedroom and laundry room.